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Long Island Garage Door And Gate Repair provides all possible garage door repair service. We fix it all, from small and minor garage door and gate problems, to the more complicated issues. We fully understand all the stress that comes with unexpected garage door and gate emergency problems, because we’ve experienced and seen them all. Sometimes we forget just how important or how much our garage door impacts our day to day life, until one day our garage door or gate breaks. Do not freak out, Long Island Garage Doors and Gates is here to help!

Here are some odd but common garage door issues that happens more than you think:

  • Whether you got something in your mind, lack of sleep, bad lighting, no coffee, or you just forgot to open the garage door or gate and then BAMMMM! You just realized you’ve hit the garage door or gate. Now you have made a dent on your car, your garage door or gate, and your wallet.
  • Sometimes on winter times, some rodents like racoons, mice, skunks finds a way inside your garage door. Just like us humans, they want to find a warm shelter away from the cold. So naturally if your garage door seal is loose or have gaps, they can sneak in.
  • In some cases safety is the issue because your garage door just wouldn’t close no matter what you do. Now you find yourself and your car trapped inside the garage and you’re running late for an important work meeting, or you’re running late for your doctor’s appointment, or you need to pick up your kids, and your garage door is stuck shut.
  • It’s late at night and you hear a loud bang in your garage thinking you have an intruder, then turns out it’s actually the garage door spring that broke

No matter what issue your having with your garage door or gate, rest assured that Long Island Garage Doors is always ready to tackle any garage door or gate issues. Our years of experiences have prepared us to deal all sorts of garage door and gate emergencies you can possibly imagine!

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Long Island Garage Door repair

It doesn't matter how easy or hard the repair it may seem, Long Island Garage Door And Gate Repair can handle it quickly and professionally. We can take care of all of your garage door and gate repairs so efficiently you won't even know it was broken in the first place. If your garage door or gate is broken or just plain old and not working right, it can become a huge hassle and even turn into a potential security risk. Long Island Garage Door And Gate Repair are well aware how terribly important it is to keep you and your home safe from unwanted visitors, which is why we offer repair services any time of day or night. Garage doors and gates can be quite heavy, and have many small that can be hard to identify, so you need a certain precision and the right expertise to handle the more complicated repairs, so you’re better off calling the garage door and gate professionals. A technician from Long Island Garage Door And Gate Repair will be able to diagnose the problem right away and be able to repair it quickly for you. Long Island Garage Door And Gate Repair provides quality and professional repair services so that you will be happy with your door or gate for years to come.

Easy Troubleshoots You Can Do Yourself!

  • Handheld remote or the wall switch are not working.
    • In most cases something like this occurs, there’s usually a disruption that happens with the power source.
    • Check if the motor unit has been unplugged and make sure the cord is plugged in all the way.
    • Another possible reason is the fuse or the circuit breaker has burnt out. If so replace it. Check also if the circuit breaker needs to be resetted.
  • The remote or keypad is not working.
    • If it’s the remote, try moving closer before pressing the buttons. It could be that you’re out of range.
    • Check if the antenna on the motor is hanging downward with no visible damage.
    • Try checking if the battery on your remote or keypad needs to be replaced.
    • Check if your remote or keypad needs to be reprogrammed.
  • The garage door is not closing all the way.
    • Check if the safety sensors are properly aligned and there is nothing blocking it.
    • Find out if your garage door have a set-limit switches. Whenever it’s set wrong, it stops the garage door from closing. This safety feature is added to prevent the door from closing when something is blocking the safety sensors, which prevents injuries
  • The garage door keeps going back up before reaching the floor.
    • Check if the rollers have any damage or rust.
    • Make sure the rollers are well lubricated.
    • Check the close-limit adjustment screw if it’s set properly.
  • The garage door refuses to open on winter times.
    • Find the screw in the garage door motor and adjust the sensitivity.
    • Check if the rollers are well lubricated. This might be causing the door not to open.

    If any of our troubleshooting tips work for your door, contact Long Island Garage Doors And Gates or any professional garage door companies.

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