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Are you aware that there are actually four different types of garage door openers? Do you know which kind you have and which type is best for your needs? If not, don't worry Long Island Garage Door Openers and Gates and certainly help you figure it all out. Long Island Garage Door Openers and Gates technicians are highly trained and skilled to handle every type of garage door opener repair or installation. You can expect only the best service from us when it comes to your garage door opener.

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You won't need to understand the logistics of how each of the different garage door openers work, since we can figure it out for you, but if you are looking for a general idea of the different openers we do offer that here. The four types of openers are jackshaft garage door opener, chain drive garage door opener, belt drive garage door opener, and screw drive garage door opener.

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener:

The jackshaft opener is the most recent addition to the garage door opener market. The jackshaft opener resides on the side of the garage rather than the top and saves a lot of headroom inside the garage. One of the main reason one chooses this type opener is because it maximizes your ceiling space, and eliminates the need to attach railings on the ceiling. A Jackshaft garage door opener is specially designed for non-traditional ceilings. This type of opener is best suited for garages with low height ceilings, higher than average ceiling height, sloped and cathedral ceilings, ceilings with attached boiler or pipes, and for ceilings that have attached storage systems. For attached garages with living space above your garage, you would be well please with this opener, because it makes minimal noise when operating. Keep in mind that a jackshaft can only be used on sectional garage doors.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener:

The chain drive opener is one of the more commonly used garage door opener. It is located on the top of the garage and it operates by pulling and lowering a chain to lift and lower the door. Chain drive openers are very reliable and inexpensive but they are also fairly loud when operating. This type of opener is not best suited for houses with attached garage door, because it can be quite loud when operating. If you want your chain drive garage door opener to last longer, we recommend that you do adjustments at least twice in the lifetime of the opener.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener:

The belt drive opener operates in the exact same way as the chain drive, except it uses a belt instead of a chain in its operation. The main benefit to using the belt drive is how quiet it is. This opener hardly makes a sound. Compare to the chain drive opener, the belt drive garage door opener lifts slightly quicker. Also the belt drive does not need any lubrication. It does cost more than the chain drive, but the quiet operation of the belt drive is worth the extra money. It is a known fact that belt drive does not last a long as the chain, but the belt drive do have a better warranty.

Screwdrive Garage Door Opener:

If you own a big house with a heavy garage door you will probably want to use a screwdrive opener. The screwdrive opener is able to lift and lower much heavier garage doors and generally the higher quality the door the heavier the door. This type of opener uses a steel drive screw. Best part about screw drive garage door opener is that it does require any maintenance, does not need additional lubrication. It’s most known for its power, reliability and speed. Screw drive are the most expensive type of opener.

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Before deciding on which garage door opener you want to install, make sure you speak with one of our garage door experts at Long Island Garage Doors. We will help you choose what type of garage door opener and which features best suits your needs.

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